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Is Everyone Moving To St George?

If you have been trying to purchase here in the past year, the answer seems yes, Is Everyone Moving To St George? Check this link out   

If you want a golf course community, it might be tough, Entrada has a 6 year wait. If you want a planned community like Brio you may be bidding against 100 other people. Not Fun. So why the flight to St George? Kathleen and I moved here from Salt Lake City, and 12 years prior the Seattle Eastside. We fought the battle for 6 months and in the process kept at it using the techniques I propose to use for you. It is a combination of style and experience. Actually we won the bid a month earlier and quickly backed out because I knew that we bid too much. The seller was fine with it because he had 15 other offers.  The final win was at asking price, a great price for a home we love more than any others we went for.

So  here is a lesson learned, losing a bid or offer against others is not always a bad thing. It is experience preparing you for the next one. I am ok with this. I tell all of my clients that buying a home is a treasure hunt.

So why St George? To many it’s a great place to retire. To many it is a second home. St George is a city close to amazing places to visit: Lake Powell, Zion National Park, and other attractions. The weather is hot in the summer which appeals to many. To winter weather lovers like Kathleen and I it is ok, and a lot of our life is moving from an air conditioned home to an air conditioned car. (to an air conditioned restaurant. 🙂 A very large number of home buyers are from California. Even though the home prices are high, they are lower than California or Seattle.

Snowbirds flocking to St. George Locals call it the “snowbird mating call” – a turn signal on a large, luxury automobile left blinking for miles, indicating a lane change that will never happen. When the snowbirds come here to roost, the city’s 45,000 population swells by 15 percent and St. George becomes, in the words of 66-year-old Dale Webber, “a seniors’ playground.”

St. George grappling with housing shortage 

In our case it was a desire to leave the condo life and settle into a  home. We thrived on the beautiful Red Rock scenery. I hope I never take that for  granted. I do have a lot of St George and was down here about weekly it seemed.

If you or someone you know is thinking St George, I would love to help them with my Style and experience.


And Oh, this is a big reason:

He retired to the first tee

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