Sales Prevention Programs March 29, 2018

Sales Prevention Items #’s 81 – 83 Ignoring Professional Counsel

Everyone Has The Right To:

Ignore professional counsel

be stubborn

ignore the facts

cover your eyes to the truth –

This article, as many or most that I publish is based on a recent experience. This situation has actually been tormenting, well tormenting may be too strong, but bothering me isn’t. It is about a condo I toured a few weeks ago. It wasn’t my listing but a part of my process of staying on top of the market, I call it touring homes.

One condo visited was spacious and well kept. The price seemed fine. Well kept is important as this condo obviously has children, several children living in it. Well kept is the magic phrase to this situation. The owners knew we were coming, as by appointment only (#83) is stated for agents, and had the place ship shape.

(#82)Things were neat but there were children’s toys, some big toys, everywhere. I mean everywhere, the place was stuffed: high chairs in the kitchen, wagons in the bedrooms, one room had little floor space not taken up with toys (all neatly in a pile), play tables in the living room and a push carriage in the corner, two bedrooms with bunk beds were stuffed – stuffed  – stuffed, you get the picture.

Even though all of these toys were in an organized order it was impossible for a potential buyer to visualize how it would work for them. This is a spacious unit and still it would be difficult for most buyers.

Buyers make quick decisions in ruling out homes they consider. They usually fall in love with the home the minute they walk in. That won’t happen in this case. It is too much of a struggle.

Now to the point of the title of this post…. #(81) Ignore the counsel of your professional real estate agent) I ran into the seller when holding a open house on a listing in his building.  I told him I had been through his home and asked him “how it was going on selling it”? He is discouraged as the home has been on the market now for some 166 days with no offers. His answer had a wrong statement as he blamed the poor view. I informed him that wasn’t the problem, it was all of the children’s stuff.

My how quickly he rejected my statement. I Know I am correct. He had no interest in listening. Sure it is a challenge with children in a small condo. Yes, it is a valiant effort to keep things tidy as they have. This is the case in many instances, get things out of the home. Rent a storage unit if you must. Don’t prolong the pain and I know selling is a pain. I can tell that this unit should sell. The building is great, other units sell here, it’s location is terrific, it has a beautiful functional garden rooftop, it should sell at the price it is listed for.

This seller is hanging in there, dropped the price only one time, 2.5%. I can tell he is stubborn. He like all of us have that right. Is it always the right way to win is the question. No is the answer.

For those who use my services in listing their home or condo you have the benefit of my professional interior designer/ certified stager offers of making your home look in its possible selling condition.