Sales Prevention Programs January 5, 2018

Make It Difficult To See And It Won’t Be Shown – Sales Prevention Program Item # 1

Sales Prevention Program #1,

I am looking for a home for a buyer that has just sold their home and feel an urgency to get their next purchase arranged. They want to really understand their options.

With those factors I am preparing to take them out in a couple of days. There are 13 on the market that meet their criteria: price range, location, size, and neighborhood.

As I am routing this busy day I discover that one of the possible options requires me to schedule an appointment which is somewhat difficult to schedule as it is near the end of our tour.

Usually this isn’t a serious problem but I just took the home off of our tour. The reason is in the rules of showing:

  • I have to call the owner. (OK, this I don’t prefer)
  • I get a requirement to wait for a text. (Oh brother)
  • I get a text that requires me to go to a website to schedule the appt. (Really?)
  • They require I provide the name of my buyer. (NO!)

I have had enough experience to know that dealing directly with the owner is not always wise. I would do that and do that begrudgingly. But this list I won’t do unless the client insists. They won’t they have lots of options.

So in this situation with a real buyer, they the sellers are missing the opportunity to sell to this real buyer.

There are a lot of articles coming on what I call “sales prevention programs”. I recommend that you take these issues seriously. As I am transferring and updating from my other website: you can find what has been over 100 articles by me there.