Why Larry Cragun Why Windermere Real Estate

About Larry Cragun Windermere Real Estate I write this post to share why I believe I am a great choice for you to use to find your home or condo. Thus the title Why Larry Cragun Why Windermere Real Estate.

My Experience:

I have over 30 years of experience in this industry, including owning one of the largest mortgage companies in Washington State, which I sold prior to the housing crash. Understanding financing is a big asset for my clients.

My approach is to serve, be on top of all details, use every tool available, be there in all your needs, and have a soft approach to help people find the right home. It to me is a treasure hunt.

Last year I closed on a condo in Governors Plaza. The buyer came to me off of my website: http://ItsGreatInSaltLake.com/ She had been doing research and as I mentioned the condo product that was available out there she seemed to know they weren’t what she was looking for. She mentioned that she really liked Governors Plaza. Nothing listed matched her wishes. So I went to work looking for something not currently on the market and found the right one. It was perfect for her. It took a bit of price negotiating with the seller but all went down just fine.

This buyer is another example of my approach to this business. She was defensive when we first spoke on the phone. She had talked with other agents she felt were high pressure, were trying to immediately lock her down as their client. Sensing this resistance I shared my philosophy, “if it isn’t working between us, no problem”. I won’t try and contract you with a buyers contract, except when we make the offer and it will only be on that specific property, which contract is required by Utah law. Mutual respect is the rule I try and follow and look for.

Windermere, like no other: If you are serious about the luxury market you will come down to two brokerages to consider. A comparison will put Windermere as #1, I am convinced of this fact.

In Utah I was licensed with MediaOne Real Estate, a subsidiary of The Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News. In January 2018 we learned that Windermere Utah had purchased MediaOne Real Estate. At first I, as were my colleagues, was extremely concerned about what this meant for us and our clients. The concern quickly turn to excitement. Their marketing power is unlike any brokerage I have been licensed with in my entire real estate career. I began to realize that I  had more to offer to buyers and sellers than before, and in fact I suggest I have more to offer now than my competition. Take for example the Matterport Camera Windermere just purchased. It provides the current internet shopper, which are the majority of shoppers the ability to actually walk through the home on line, with a beginning overhead view of the floorplan. It is amazing. I am currently scheduling filming with each of my listings to include a Matterport show for my sellers. List with me and you will have a fabulous tool to share, and for me to market with. It is at a cost to me, but man is it worth it. Here is a sample: . https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=ZLtu5NLjWjX

There is much more. New marketing announcements come often. If we meet I will share many other things we have at our disposal for you, such as the Living magazine Windermere publishes to high end and other targeted potential buyers.

To buyers, besides Matterport, besides our terrific search on my site, I have special tools to assist you. For example neighborhood news advertised at the bottom of my website. Subscribing here will provide you a monthly report by zip code of every on home or condo on market, under contract, and sold in that zip code, that month. You receive that report as long as you desire. Pretty cool for sure.


My partner and wife, luxury is her game.  :

The not too long ago photo includes my talented wife Kathleen. She is an important partner in my real estate practice. She has been an award winning and magazine published interior designer during her business career, and considered to be the best designer in whatever firm she worked for or whomever she performed her magic for. She brings to my clients an important eye on how to best present your home for sale. She is an important second opinion on home values, understanding that value is based on more than the square foot of the home. Having Kathleen as my partner is your asset. She’s also the  boss.


I am a leading Condo expert:

Selling condominiums is not like selling homes. Their are sometimes hidden risks not all agents can spot. An important issue is what does FHA think of the property. Is it FHA approved? If not why not? There are many things to understand and many things an agent needs to help you evaluate. I am good at this.



I love helping people with their real estate needs, as do most in this business. It’s a very satisfying career and I am glad to have come out of retirement to enjoy it again. I am pretty state of the art with technology, started a dotcom, am about to have a company publish an app I designed, and am grateful for finding a cool niche in Utah. I look forward to assisting some of you.

The good things we do with part of each of our sales is another thing we are proud of.

Click here for a short video

Luxury Real Estate Is Where We Are Unmatched. Add our design and lengthy experience to the mix: Winner!

When you place your luxury home in the  hands of a real estate agent, and company, you likely expect an extreme world wide and highly visible marketing effort. The kind of effort than can cost up to $10,000 to get your home sold. You expect the agent to do the best job possible.

This would include world wide exposure. Windermere has an unmatched package for you:





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The Windermere Foundation is Celebrating its 30th Anniversary

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Aaron Morgan of Academy Mortgage

Aaron Morgan of Academy Mortgage is a great option. Aaron Morgan Academy Mortgage.

This is an important post. It was prompted by a radio advertisement I just heard pitching a loan officer. Do not make your lender choice this way, do not!

A significant part of my career has been in the mortgage business. I was a successful loan officer for both banks and mortgage companies. I owned one of Washington States largest mortgage companies, producing between  300 and 400 loans a month. I know this business.

There are many good loan officers and many good mortgage companies. I recommend two things when selecting a lender for your home. 1- pick a lender recommended by your real estate agent. 2- Pick Aaron Morgan and use my name as  reference.

These two suggestions are based on an important principle. When recommended by a real estate agent the future referral business is at risk.

Understand that no lender can control the inflow of business referred to them. Bad experiences happen when the lender gets too busy. I have seen that happen. I have seen it happen most often with online lenders and even with supposed good lenders. In Salt Lake City I have seen bad experiences when someone goes to their local branch they bank with. I have seen loans where the interest rate wasn’t locked in. I have seen situations where closings were very late. In late closings your purchase is at risk. Sellers don’t have to honor  your purchase, could take a higher backup offer, or could just plainly remorse.

When you are choosing a lender based on an agent referral you become an immediate priority. You want that with all lenders. You want to be a high priority.

Aaron Morgan has not been the only lender I have used in Utah. He had to convince me by trial and experience. He is the real deal. In one condo property in Salt Lake City he is currently the only lender that can deliver a conventional loan at competitive rates.

You can count on Aaron to deliver what is promised as promised. To strengthen your position as a client, make sure you tell him I referred you to  him. Whomever you choose, make sure that lender is referred by a real estate agent.

Larry Cragun Windermere Real  Estate

Residential and Condominium Professional.

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About Garden Towers

About Garden Towers. Garden Towers was built in 1981. It is considered by many to be an extremely well constructed building. The parking stalls are indoor and spacious. It is a self managed condominium of 38 units of various sizes. Many of the condominiums have two dedicated parking stalls, but not all do.

The Common Areas Include Roof Top Garden with Views of the Entire Valley, There are BBQ’s on each corner of the rooftop. The rooftop can be reserved for private homeowner functions. It has a recently updated social room, a Fitness Center, and dedicated storage.

Its a perfect Downtown Location with Biking, Hiking, Restaurants, Shopping & Temple Square all within Walking Distance. There are parks all around and it is a great walk up through memory grove and city creek canyon which can go for miles. Walk everywhere, City Creek Shops, Restaurants, Temple Square, Harmon’s Grocery, Hiking & Biking Access

HOA fees include monthly water /sewer/ garbage, partial cable, exterior maintenance, common area maintenance and building insurance. No Pets, No Smoking and unit cannot be used as a Rental.

Some of the units have terrific views, some north, some southerly. Most units have a covered deck. The building is wired for Google fiber.

One sold unit advertises that It is 400 yards from the most expensive real estate in the state. Spacious and Light with floor to ceiling windows and doors. Expansive living and dining room with open kitchen. Recently Remodeled Clubhouse, Exercise room, Roof Top Garden,Secure Building with 2 elevators, 2 stairways, 16″ on center concrete and Steel post tension cable construction throughout & between all units. 

My comment on their rental policy: It is the strictest I have seen in Salt Lake City. One of my clients backed out of being under contract when an HOA board member told him he couldn’t have a paying roommate. I do understand why condo projects are strict on rentals. Renters do no take the same care of a building as an owner will.

Larry Cragun Windermere Real Estate

Residential and condominium specialist


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They Can’t Get In Is A Sales Prevention Program

Continuing Kathleen and mine favorite topic: Sales prevention issues, or things we notice when looking at properties, Sales Prevention Program #82: They Can’t Get In is a sales prevention program.

If an agent can’t get in to show the home or condo, how in the world can it be sold? The process that works is to have a Supra Lock Box, or key box easily accessed in front of the residence. This key box should provide all agents the necessary to enter the home. The Supra key box records what agent entered the home, and at what time. A notice is sent to the listing agent with the ability to copy the notice to the home owner.

Recently I have seen these sales prevention instances.

One doesn’t want to confuse an agent. So how about putting clear identification on the lock box, which condominium the lock box belongs to. It’s bad at Canyon Road Towers, it’s a horrible situation at Parc Gateway. Its unbelievably bad there, so bad it isn’t worth showing the units where figuring out the lock box is a waste of time.

I had an occasion at the Metro Condominiums where no key matched the house. Some careless agent had put back the wrong key in the box. There were five units for sale there, what a mess. That could be alleviated to a great degree by going to the effort of adding a  simple identification ring with a number on it. They cost about .35 cents at Glens Keys.

I have gone to listings where there was a key box, but where it was empty. Figure that one out.

Recently I had to call an agent, fortunately he answered his phone, to inquire where the key box was. The answer, “Oh, its out in back, attached to the gas meter”. Great, the gas meter was covered by a large plant.

Whatever your situation is, it might be wise to see if  your agent, for some silly reason, has joined the Sales Prevention Item #82 club.

Larry Cragun Windermere Real Estate

Salt Lake City Residential & Condominium Professional

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