7 Habits of Highly Successful Open Houses

I love holding open houses for my listings. Why, when most agents say they don’t work?  It is because I have learned that there are 7 Habits of Highly Successful Open Houses. Perhaps this is the reason that I sell a lot of my own listings.

#1- Be found: I advertise my open houses in both the Salt Lake Tribune and The Deseret News. My open houses are found on UtahRealEstate.com and other sites such as Zillow. I have lots of signs directing people to the open house. On homes where I can put up a yard sign I post a sign notifying people passing by that there is an open house coming (stating the day and time). Lots of signs and lots of advertising brings in about 1/3 of those attending.

#2- Be with someone. I take my wife who is an expert designer. She is there to assist with questions most people have. I sometimes take a lender with me. Lenders are always a good companion as people’s first question to them is what is the current interest rate.

#3- Sit so I don’t intimidate. I understand that when you walk through the door that there is little chance that you would know if “this is the right home”. I want visitors to be comfortable, “come on in and look around”.  I would rather them relax and enjoy looking around.

#4- Be casual. This is much like #3. I get it, everyone needs to relax. I have a colleague that makes visitors sign in. I have attended training classes what promote this. No me. For me that is high pressure and likely not effective. That’s one reason I like a partner at the showing, so me the agent isn’t in there face.

#5- Let’s talk. Ok, you have seen the place and not with me in your face. I care that you understand that I am not going to high pressure you. However, is this the right place? Why were you curious? How can I help? Any answer is fine. I have knowledge which I am glad to share, whatever is going on with you.

#6- I am the local expert. If I am here to show a home, trust me, I know the market. I always convey this and am glad for the opportunity to share that, so you can be properly informed.

#7- Let’s connect. Shall I send you current monthly info? The feature on my website offers neighborhood news. I can demo that during the open house. It publishes all the info of a zip code: homes on the market, homes pending sold, and homes sold. It comes automatically. If you are visiting this site today, you need not wait for me to sign you up, just scroll down to the bottom of the page. If  you don’t find what you want now, I will watch out for it for you. I have been able in times past to find the right home two years later and present what you told me you wanted.

Posted on March 4, 2019 at 8:05 pm
Larry Cragun | Category: Marketing, Open Houses