All HOA Fees Don’t Cover The Same

HOA Comparisons

Clicking the link above opens up a spreadsheet that I created for one of the downtown Condominium Home Owners Associations. (HOA) They were interested in comparing the fees and what they cover of other associations. Not all condominium projects are listed in this spreadsheet, but many of those downtown are included.

If you are moving from a house to a condominium you will probably discover that the costs add up to be quite similar to what you are now paying.

Benefits that  you can’t really monetize is the convenience of not having to maintain a home; yard work, snow removal, building maintenance, etc. You do give up total control which led to an article, “Welcome To The Condominium Project”.


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A Summary Of Positives Of Various Downtown Salt Lake City Condos

Garden Towers is seen in the drone shot at the vey bottom. It is about 38 units. The owners manage it themselves. Notice on the roof is the garden. On each corner is a Bar B Q. It has a gazebo and several places to just hang out. The roof can be reserved. Their is a variety of units and floor plans and some are terrific.

Canyon Road Towers is to the right in the photo. It is larger, 185 units, and very popular. It has an indoor swim pool and exercise room. It has two social rooms. It has tennis courts. It is well managed. Some of the units are in original condition and some are remodeled. Some of the views are spectacular.

Zion Summit is directly north of temple square, two towers behind the LDS conference center. The swim pool is outdoors. It has a large entry which invites socializing. Zion Summit seems to encourage socializing, even has a social committee.

All three of the buildings are popular for the easy access to temple square and City Creek Mall.

American Towers, South of City Creek, is very popular with those that are wanting a downtown city feel. Theaters are next to it as well as great places for eating out. Its rooftops are a great place to entertain and hot tub with a view. It is large enough to afford full time security. It has racquetball courts.

Terrace Falls is on 3rd Ave directly behind Garden Towers. The facility has a shop to die for. Some of the floor plans are great for people wanting two master bedrooms. Terrace Falls is a terrific property.

Trevi Towers abuts Zion Summit. Most of the floor plans are large and the units facing South have wonderful views. It has an indoor pool.

This website has great search engine. I invite you to search in the search bar or to take advantage of the quick and useful links searches which I have established. Some are by building and some by location. I enjoyed it when one of my colleagues called me “the condo king”. I have sold condos from North Ogden to Daybreak. Selling condos is not like selling houses. I you to encourage you to choose me in helping you buy or sell a condo.

This link goes to the category that pulls up all of the articles I have written about condos: click here.

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Salt Lake City Condominiums Near American Towers

Salt Lake City Condominiums Near American Towers. This is an important topic as Windermere will be opening an office next to Mid City Salon. We will be licensing Teresa Bowman and she and I will be focusing on downtown Salt Lake City condominiums. I told Teresa t0day that I have had ab0ut 50 downtown condo transactions in the last two or three years. Teresa owns Mid City Salon and will be making sure that your needs are forwarded to me.  You will get the great service you deserve and that I and Windermere are known for. The office should be ready to go about June 5th.

From their website

American Towers 44 West Broadway Website

The search links in this article pull all active listings in the particular building and in many cases units close by that meet your search request.

American Towers listings. click here

Best location in the city. Half block to Trax, near Gallivan Center. Be where the action is!

Broadway Park Lofts: click here 

Convenient downtown location and only a walk away from the farmers markets, restaurants, and plenty of shopping. 

The Metro condominiums:   click here

Downtown SLC retreat. Walt to the finest eateries, entertainment, & shopping. Steps to Trax light rail and City Library.

The Sterling Building: click here

Originally built in 1905 and completely renovated by one of the best architects in the city as an architectural statement deserved to be in any major metropolitan area delivering that special feeling that you belong.

Uffens Marketplace: click here

Those near downtown condominiums for sale north of South Temple can be searched on this link: click here

99 West South Temple – City Creek – click here

3 properties located in and around City Creek Shopping Center

Let me know if  there is a project nearby or anywhere that you would like to have more complete information provided for your review.

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You Can Make The Mortgage Process Go Well

You Can Make The Mortgage Process Go Well. Consider these facts. Today more than ever before you need to be responsible to make your mortgage process go well. Federal Laws changed last week. They affect lenders and Title Companies, as well as you and your agent. Delays in closing are a huge hazard now. The new law is designed to help consumers understand better what they are receiving. There should be no last minute gotchas on rate or fees. That’s the good part. The rougher part is that everyone, including you, need to be diligent with their roles in bringing  your purchase to an on time and satisfactory conclusion

What may excite a borrower is that the automated underwriting can give a quick approval. Yeah baby, you are done, you are approved.

Not so fast.

This is just step one. You have a long way to go to get to the end. It has always been a trek to the end, but with the advent of the meltdown everyone involved in your loan became fearful of making a mistake or being too lenient. This resulted in a lot of last minute issues.

Now I bring up the pressure event – the U Haul is rented and the loan must close on time. Nothing is more problematic than a delayed closing. It can actually be worse than the U Haul issue, closing late can kill the transaction. Sometimes a seller gets remorse, maybe has a better offer as a backup.

You are responsible to provide everything asked for, be it pay stubs, bank statements front and back, everything. So many of my borrowers have been slow, sloppy, even resistant to requests. And hey, your loan officer and processor might have more than your loan to get funded. Push Push push your way around. “What is the status, do you have everything, may I see the list of conditions by the underwriting” are all things you can do.

No matter what your nature, detailed or not, get involved in every detail of your loan. Make sure you see a copy of your credit report. See if anything is fishy. Fix everything fast that needs fixing or explaining. Ask your loan officer if they have a back up plan if trouble arises. I did. Doing loans was pressure packed for me. I laid awake at nights or woke up early in the morning scouring the loans in process in my mind. What if this happens, what will I do? I loved it, but it was grueling. At times I had 11 to 15 loans of my own in process. If you only knew what a gigantic list of details that created.

Don’t lie. The only loan that I had that blew up at the end was not my fault, yet I was the target of blame. The borrower was from Hawaii. Hawaii like Utah, isn’t a community property state. Spouses can buy real property separately. In Washington, where I was working, the opposite is the rule. This borrower – buyer, lied on his application. He said he was single. We came right down to closing and the underwriter conditioned a document to be signed  by his wife. He was furious and wouldn’t comply. “How did you find out I was married?”. Dumb question! He made such a fuss that since I was working for a mortgage company owned in part by the real estate company he pressured the real estate company to fund the loan out of their own capital.

I will never forget the brokers statement. He too was out of step. He said he hated it – that loan officers say all the way through the process; he is approved, he is approved, he is approved and then at closing – sorry he’s not approved. He lied folks, and got caught.

I had another borrower that two days before closing came to me to back out by blaming it on me. He had $5,000 earnest money in escrow. I listened to his accusations which were many. I finally had had enough and said, “listen buddy this is all crap. I don’t know what is the real excuse but you better come clean with me right now. I have done loans for several members of your family, if you don’t come clean that’s it for the whole bunch of you.” He then humbly apologized and confessed that he had his accountant provide us with phony tax returns. I felt compassion for him, for he had already confessed this to his young wife. He said it broke her heart, both in losing this great home and in his actions. I assured him it was better to quit now and lose his earnest money than proceed with committing a crime. His conscience was his buddy even though the consequences were painful.

I once received a call from an underwriter. It was over one of our loan officers who had submitted his own loan. She tactfully said she was sending the loan back and that I should confront him over the income he claimed. I did. He blew up and threatened my with bodily harm that I should suggest that he faked his income. He said that he had filed amended returns and how dare I insult him. He was fired that moment and I informed him the underwriter had pulled a summary of all of his tax returns and I had copies. They did not match his application and he could leave now quietly or my next call was to the Feds.

He left.

So please do all you can do to make sure things go will with that you haul you have ordered. It’s on your shoulders too. Do it all, do it immediately, and do it right.

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How Many Condo Parking Stalls Do You Need, And Why Would You Need Them?

How Many Condo Parking Stalls Do You Need, And Why Would You Need Them? How Many Condo Parking Stalls Do You Need?

How Many Condo Parking Stalls Do You Need? This lady has three parking stalls. How Many Condo Parking Stalls Do You Need, And Why Would You Need Them? Does she have three because she needs the space? Note the storage units on both sides. No one is likely to ding her car when loading or unloading storage are they? Her car is in nice shape, so that’s a good reason, right? Maybe she just likes it this way. May we call this reason 1

Mind you purchasing an extra stall in a condominium building can be a difficult quest, in some buildings a costly one. In American Towers you can only own one stall but it’s easy to rent one. That may work. In both Canyon Road Towers and Zion Summit each unit has one parking space attached to the original condo declarations.  You can find them on line at their website. Both of these buildings have several extra stalls with actual tax ID numbers. Where those in the original declarations cannot be legally transferred to another person, the deeded ones can be sold to another owner of those buildings. What should they sell for I am often asked? The answer is that depends. One answer I usually give is don’t sell. With that advice being rejected a few times I have seen them go from $5,000 to $50,000. In one building Kathleen and I lived in we paid $25,000 for an extra stall.

Why do I say “don’t sell”? Having sold a lot of condo’s, lived in 5 in our married life, and having showed many times more than I have sold I am confident that you greatly reduce the numbers of people that would by  your condominium should you not have that extra parking stall. There are in fact numerous potential buyers where having one stall is the only reason they won’t buy your unit. (It’s very much like those whose dog is part of the family and your building doesn’t allow pets.)

Resale value then becomes the biggest reason to have a second stall after your own need should you need it for your own use. Having plenty of room to park your car, well that might be listed as number three.

Larry Cragun – Windermere Real Estate

Residential and Condominium professional.



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Six Popular Downtown Salt Lake City Condominiums

Six Popular Downtown Salt Lake City Condominiums. There are more and I have links to many on this site and more coming. But I call these the “big six” because I find them the most popular with my buyers.

I number these on the map from 1 to 6 and they are as follows:

  1. Zion Summit
  2. Canyon Road Towers
  3. American Towers
  4. Trevi Towers
  5. 3 City Creek Properties
  6. Parc Gateway

Two additional good options on smaller buildings is 1- Terrace Falls is on the street behind Canyon Road Towers, (on 3rd ave) and is also a good option.  Click here for info and search on Terrace Falls: Terrace Falls – 158 E 3rd Ave – Click Here

and 2- Garden Towers which is next to Canyon Road Towers: Click here Garden Towers – 141 E 2nd Ave – Click Here

Below the photo are links to commentary and the ability to quickly search for listings that are currently for sale in these properties. When clicking those links the search results will possibly include nearby condos of similar details.

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American Towers In Downtown Sale Lake City

American Towers is a terrific building in downtown Salt Lake City.

I like American Towers for many reasons. For one, it has perhaps the best amenities in town. It is close to all kinds of downtown Salt Lake City Activities. Here is what others are saying about it.

Well kept condo right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake in the coveted American Towers. Party room to host wonderful parties. Into fitness? This condominium community has it all; swimming, exercise room, racquetball! Also enjoy hot tubing on and other activities on the roof as well as the beautiful views.

You know you want to live in the heart of it all! Very cool condo close to restaurants, theaters, clubs, shopping and more. This high-rise community includes 24 hour security, full gym, 3 hot tubs, heated pool, amazing roof top decks w/outdoor bbqs, secure parking. You will be the cats meow!

HOA fee includes water, air, heat, basic cable TV, 24 hr. security and use of full amenities including pool, exercise room, roof top hot tub, billiards, racquet ball and more!

1/2 block from Trax line to mall, university and airport! Or walk to everything downtown!

It is centrally located in the heart of downtown, with easy walking distance to Capitol Theater, Farmers market, City Creek Center, and Energy solutions. Common areas have all be updated.

Wonderful downtown living. This Washington floor plan is spacious and open for entertaining or just enjoying the downtown life style. A short walk gets you to Trax, City Creek Shopping, Theater, and Fine Dining.

Click here for the current American Towers Listings. 

Click here for more articles on American Towers. 

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About American Towers


The property is centrally located in Downtown Salt Lake City. This high rise condo boast all of the convinces of downtown living, work, entertainment and dining and are only steps away from your front door. 

Walk to Eccles theater, City Creek Center, Broadway Cinemas, restaurants, breweries and more. Take the Traxline to the University of Utah or to the Salt Lake Airport. Everything is just steps away. 24 hour building security. Pool, racquetball courts, social room, exercise room & spa on 2nd level. Rooftop patios on each of the two towers with BBQ’s and hot tubs.

Enter building from the 300 South, security will let you in and you will need to let them know which unit you are showing. Email offers to and CC to easements and all information to be verified by buyer and/or buyers agent. The complex offers many amenities such as onsite property management, onsite 24 Hr security, full gym, 3 hot tubs, 2 common roof decks., outdoor BBQ’s, indoor pool with sauna, 2 racquetball courts, community room and billiards room Plus More1 It is centrally located in the heart of downtown with easy walking distance to Capitol theater, Farmers Market, City Creek Center and Energy Solutions Arena. Private secure parking for one car in the secure parking area.


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Condos Near City Creek & Temple Square + Quick Searching By Condo


NOTE: Quick Searches are also available in the “properties” drop down in the menu bar.

Often additional Close by properties appear in the search results.

Information :

American Towers – 44 W 300 South – Click Here to search

Belvedere – 29 S state – Search Click Here

Broadway Tower – 230 E Broadway – Search Click Here

Canyon Road Towers – 123 E 2nd Ave – Click Here

City Creek 3 Properties – Built around city creek shopping center. – click here

City Crest – 131 E 1st Ave – Click here

Garden Towers – 141 E 2nd Ave – Click Here

Metro Condominiums – 350 S  200 E 84111 Click Here

Panorama – 8 E Hillside Ave – (near Zion Summit) – Click Here To Search

Rockwell – 141 E 1st Ave – Click Here To Search

Terrace Falls – 158 E 3rd Ave – Click Here

Trevi Towers – 245 N Vine – Click Here To Search

Uffens Marketplace – 336 W Broadway –  Click Here To Quick Search

Zion Summit – 241 N Vine St – Click Here

Not Quite Downtown but Convenient

Often additional Close by properties appear in the search results.

838 Condominiums

Angelina’s Corner – 725 S 1100 E – Click Here

Arlington Place – 105 S 2200 E – Click here

Aztec – 515 S 1000 E – Click Here

Belmont Condos – 150 E Belmont Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84107CLICK HERE

Bonneville Towers – 777 E S Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84102CLICK HEREGovernors Plaza – 560 E S Temple – Bldg InfoQuick Search

Library Square

Market Street Condos

Northridge Heights

One and Nine – 88 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102  CLICK HERE

Parc Gateway – 5 S 500 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 – CLICK HERE

Pierpont Lofts


The Maryland

The Preserve

Towne Park – 339 E 600 S –

Trolley Regent – Click Here About Trolley Regent

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