All HOA Fees Don’t Cover The Same

HOA Comparisons

Clicking the link above opens up a spreadsheet that I created for one of the downtown Condominium Home Owners Associations. (HOA) They were interested in comparing the fees and what they cover of other associations. Not all condominium projects are listed in this spreadsheet, but many of those downtown are included.

If you are moving from a house to a condominium you will probably discover that the costs add up to be quite similar to what you are now paying.

Benefits that  you can’t really monetize is the convenience of not having to maintain a home; yard work, snow removal, building maintenance, etc. You do give up total control which led to an article, “Welcome To The Condominium Project”.


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Commercial Building SOLD

SOLD: The client wanted a large office warehouse to become the home of his commercial painting business. The client wanted exposure on either State Street of an East West site with heavy traffic exposure. The client wanted easy on off to I-15. The answer was this large shell of a building in North Salt Lake on 33rd South. With permits in hand the offices are now completed and the back of the building is ready to house his large trailers.

Coming soon will be the Nacey Painting signage. Coming down the road will be the required landscaping and drainage required.

A bonus in the purchase is that this is al large lot with plenty of space in the side to park cars, equipment, and trailers.


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What? They Won’t Allow Your Puppy? No Dogs No Cats?


Soon after Kathleen and I moved into our condominium at Starpoint I noted the fact that we had to put up with rules and regulations as well as the actions of our neighbors.  I coined the phrase, “welcome to the condominium project”.

There were no pet restrictions. As a result the common areas were the potty place for some of our inconsiderate neighbors. That courtyard smelled badly after awhile and we had to give up worrying why the plants were dying and the ground dug up. What bothered me the most was when a new next door neighbor moved in. I met her in the elevator, I should say I met her and her dog in the elevator. “Is that a pit bull I asked”. ‘Yes, but she is harmless was her answer”. OK, how should I react? I have heard the pit bull tales. The no animal restriction policy got so carried away that I say no wonder some properties don’t allow them.

But they restrict cats too? How come these harmless loving animals are restricted? Note, I am a cat lover. We had two cats that lived to be over twenty. We couldn’t part with them. Waiting for them to die to move, and then the emotional pain of them getting so bad they had to be put away was terrible. But rules are rules, probably just some of the rules that may bug you when “joining the condominium project”.

Since it’s a common question, are pets allowed I am going to publish the Salt Lake City Condo developments that do and don’t allow pets.

I am referencing those which begin at $200,000 in price. Most under that price do not have pet restrictions.

Do allow: (Note: Some allow but with size, number of, or other restrictions. Some allow cats but not dogs). Contact me if you want to sort out what would work  in your situations.


  • The Presidential Club
  • Northridge Heights
  • Belmont Downtown Condos
  • Brickyard
  • Broadway Park Lofts
  • Broadway Tower {Under 20#’s}
  • Country Club Ridge
  • Meridien
  • Oak Crest
  • The Metro
  • Avenues Condo
  • The Presidential Villas
  • Parc Gateway
  • Parc 7
  • Liberty Park Place
  • One and Nine
  • Salt Creek Condo
  • Mayflower
  • Millcreek Terrace
  • Millcreek Hollow {Under 20#’s}
  • Patrick Lofts
  • Old Farm
  • Highland Springs
  • Laurelhurst Condo
  • Highland Springs
  • Monte Carlo
  • Northpoint Estates
  • East Point Lane
  • Urbana on 11th Condo
  • Wasatch Towers
  • Westgate Lofts
  • Wolf Hollow

Don’t allow:

  • American Towers
  • Aztec
  • Bonneville Towers
  • Canyon Crest Condo
  • City Crest
  • City Creek Regent
  • City Creek Richards
  • Canyon Road Towers
  • Eagle Springs West
  • Garden Towers
  • Governors Plaza
  • Terrace Falls
  • Forest Glen
  • Trevi Towers
  • Royal Oaks
  • 838 Condos
  • Zions Summit
  • 99 West
  • Wilshire Condos
  • Forest Glen, maybe small with a loophole

This is not complete yet as some of those listed in the MLS do not state yes or no to pets. I will work on updating this information as fast as I can.

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Commercial Real Estate Director

One of my favorite real estate roles was a corporate Commercial Real Estate Director. 

While working for Weston Properties, with a relationship with Econo Mini Storage systems we were early adopters of the indoor climate controlled storage facilities. This was our first indoor storage building in Lake City, Washington. It is now a Public Storage.

My role was to determine where to build, how large to build, what the cash flow would be and to determine how long it would take to reach a profit once the building was open for business.

The feasibility for this industry is similar to that which would be done for a grocery store. Population income and type, and determining the physical market area determined. Additionally the number of people in apartments are a factor.

I could determine exactly how big to build, what size of units to build, and the value of the building at an 18 month period after completion.

We secured properties in the greater Seattle area and from Irvine California to Downtown San Diego. We also, under my management, assembled properties for shopping centers. This was tricky in that the dynamics between neighbors who own homes in now commercial zones were very aware of our efforts one owner to another. Jealousies were common and some people tried to be hold outs for more money, thinking that the combined was dead without them.

I had to enjoy  the assemblage for the Costco in Kirkland Washington. We had started as a project for a K Mart. K Mart Corporate ended up in nixing the site and it went on to become a Costco. A lady who her neighbors called a “crazy lady”, kept upping the terms. She as the last hold out first asked for a higher price, which she got to to the anger and dismay of her neighbors. But at the point of signing what was agreed verbally the price went up. It went up and up and up. The final straw was when she insisted that the developer buy her a new lot and move her home to it.

For  years you could drive by and see the huge Costco, wrapped around this old home facing the freeway. Eventually, years later, she sold at a much lower price. Costco uses it as a parking area.

Prior to that I was staff to a land developer as well as was an agent.

Subsequently I was in charge of securing and maintaining options on apartment projects to be built by a firm owned by an architect and builder. These properties were built to sold when 90% leased to a company that implemented and managed TIC’s.

This past year I have been able to move to working with Commercial Clients as well. I have the resources to serve clients well. I partner with others in our firm whenever I feel it best for my clients. As an example I just sold two commercial pads with a Windermere partner to assure myself we were priced right and dealing with a city I was less familiar with.

The software I use is similar, even better, than the MLS software.

I would be a great asset to your commercial needs.



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New Building In MillCreek

This building in MillCreek is going to be available for lease. Adam Von Maack and I listed and sold the lots to a developer. Millcreek is one of the hot upscale markets in greater Salt Lake City.

As other communities south of Salt Lake City were incorporated in the 1990s and 2000s, Millcreek remained as the most populous unincorporated area of Salt Lake County. Residents considered a number of options for their future, including incorporation, which would make it the county’s fifth-largest city. Amalgamation with neighboring South Salt Lake was also proposed, which would have combined South Salt Lake’s commercial and industrial base with Millcreek’s heavily residential character, creating a city of over 80,000.

The incorporation of Millcreek was the subject of a contentious 2012 ballot question, which set the boundaries of the proposed city identical to that of Millcreek Township, and asked voters what form of municipal government should be implemented. The initiative failed with only 40 percent of the vote, leaving Millcreek under the jurisdiction of the Salt Lake County Mayor and Council, as are other unincorporated areas of the county.

Despite the failure of the initiative in 2012, the question was put on the ballot again three years later, and Millcreek residents voted for incorporation on November 3, 2015. In the 2016 election, residents voted for a mayor and city council members in advance of incorporation, which was recorded at 9:30 a.m. on December 28, 2016.

I have a strong commercial background and partnered with Adam Maack to assure my client selling the property that there were two strong agents working in their behalf.

This has resulted in being a wise move as the speed in which we sold these lots, and at a satisfactory price, opened up us marketing several more properties for these principles. Properties in Ogden, Sandy, Hurricane, Heber, Idaho Falls, Price, with more coming.

This building in MillCreek is going to be available for lease.

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Why Larry Cragun Why Windermere Real Estate

About Larry Cragun Windermere Real Estate I write this post to share why I believe I am a great choice for you to use to find your home or condo. Thus the title Why Larry Cragun Why Windermere Real Estate.

My Experience:

I have over 30 years of experience in this industry, including owning one of the largest mortgage companies in Washington State, which I sold prior to the housing crash. Understanding financing is a big asset for my clients.

My approach is to serve, be on top of all details, use every tool available, be there in all your needs, and have a soft approach to help people find the right home. It to me is a treasure hunt.

Last year I closed on a condo in Governors Plaza. The buyer came to me off of my website: She had been doing research and as I mentioned the condo product that was available out there she seemed to know they weren’t what she was looking for. She mentioned that she really liked Governors Plaza. Nothing listed matched her wishes. So I went to work looking for something not currently on the market and found the right one. It was perfect for her. It took a bit of price negotiating with the seller but all went down just fine.

This buyer is another example of my approach to this business. She was defensive when we first spoke on the phone. She had talked with other agents she felt were high pressure, were trying to immediately lock her down as their client. Sensing this resistance I shared my philosophy, “if it isn’t working between us, no problem”. I won’t try and contract you with a buyers contract, except when we make the offer and it will only be on that specific property, which contract is required by Utah law. Mutual respect is the rule I try and follow and look for.

Windermere, like no other: If you are serious about the luxury market you will come down to two brokerages to consider. A comparison will put Windermere as #1, I am convinced of this fact.

In Utah I was licensed with MediaOne Real Estate, a subsidiary of The Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News. In January 2018 we learned that Windermere Utah had purchased MediaOne Real Estate. At first I, as were my colleagues, was extremely concerned about what this meant for us and our clients. The concern quickly turn to excitement. Their marketing power is unlike any brokerage I have been licensed with in my entire real estate career. I began to realize that I  had more to offer to buyers and sellers than before, and in fact I suggest I have more to offer now than my competition. Take for example the Matterport Camera Windermere just purchased. It provides the current internet shopper, which are the majority of shoppers the ability to actually walk through the home on line, with a beginning overhead view of the floorplan. It is amazing. I am currently scheduling filming with each of my listings to include a Matterport show for my sellers. List with me and you will have a fabulous tool to share, and for me to market with. It is at a cost to me, but man is it worth it. Here is a sample: .

There is much more. New marketing announcements come often. If we meet I will share many other things we have at our disposal for you, such as the Living magazine Windermere publishes to high end and other targeted potential buyers.

To buyers, besides Matterport, besides our terrific search on my site, I have special tools to assist you. For example neighborhood news advertised at the bottom of my website. Subscribing here will provide you a monthly report by zip code of every on home or condo on market, under contract, and sold in that zip code, that month. You receive that report as long as you desire. Pretty cool for sure.


My partner and wife, luxury is her game.  :

The not too long ago photo includes my talented wife Kathleen. She is an important partner in my real estate practice. She has been an award winning and magazine published interior designer during her business career, and considered to be the best designer in whatever firm she worked for or whomever she performed her magic for. She brings to my clients an important eye on how to best present your home for sale. She is an important second opinion on home values, understanding that value is based on more than the square foot of the home. Having Kathleen as my partner is your asset. She’s also the  boss.


I am a leading Condo expert:

Selling condominiums is not like selling homes. Their are sometimes hidden risks not all agents can spot. An important issue is what does FHA think of the property. Is it FHA approved? If not why not? There are many things to understand and many things an agent needs to help you evaluate. I am good at this.



I love helping people with their real estate needs, as do most in this business. It’s a very satisfying career and I am glad to have come out of retirement to enjoy it again. I am pretty state of the art with technology, started a dotcom, am about to have a company publish an app I designed, and am grateful for finding a cool niche in Utah. I look forward to assisting some of you.

The good things we do with part of each of our sales is another thing we are proud of.

Click here for a short video

Luxury Real Estate Is Where We Are Unmatched. Add our design and lengthy experience to the mix: Winner!

When you place your luxury home in the  hands of a real estate agent, and company, you likely expect an extreme world wide and highly visible marketing effort. The kind of effort than can cost up to $10,000 to get your home sold. You expect the agent to do the best job possible.

This would include world wide exposure. Windermere has an unmatched package for you:





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Are You 62 or Older and Still Kicking It?

Here is a real plan if this is you; you are 62 or Older and Still Kicking It? Also, it’s a plan if your current home isn’t your dream home and you want to have that dream home. Are You 62 or Older and Still Kicking It?

I live amongst a lot of retirees. Some have packed it in and some are still kicking it. Which are you?

There is a way to move up in style without breaking your bank. Here are a few qualifying questions:

  • Is your home free and clear, or almost free and clear?
  • Would you like to move up to a dream home if you didn’t have to make a mortgage payment?
  • Are you willing to let the government (FHA) participate in a plan such as this?

The big question is will you let me explain this with an open mind on your part? If you are a regular follower of mine, like one person called me, her friend in the computer, you will know that I have a strong background in both real estate and mortgages. You may have also discovered that I owned one of the largest mortgage companies in Washington State at one time. I also owned a residential real estate office. Also important to this message is that last October Kathleen and I took advantage of this program.

I will illustrate the concept below with my own non artistic efforts.

These four homes are all either homes sold or currently on the market by our company, Windermere Real Estate. The home labeled as “current home” above could be traded for a dream home, similar to the others in the photo. Yes, you could trade up from the current home to one like these. If you are intrigued, don’t let self talk or talk from others prevent you from investigating.

These other three homes are or were priced between $549,900 and $599,000. The illustration above could be captioned trade your current home for a dream home.  The current home being free and clear is probably comfortable. Were it yours would you have liked it to be bigger, newer, or nicer? This FHA program which I am so familiar with would provide something similar with no new mortgage payment. It is for seniors over 62 or  older. The benefits are different for those of different ages.

Dream home? How is this for some write ups?

The home on top: Come and see this well kept fully finished rambler in a quiet neighborhood in South Jordan. This home features an open floor plan with large bedrooms. The front room can be either formal living or formal dining. The basement has a full kitchen, living room and separate entrance. In the spring enjoy barbequing on the patio in the backyard. Newer carpet with upgraded pad throughout. Needs a little updating. Pool Table in the basement is included.

The home on the right:

Beautiful rambler with many upgrades! Granite countertops with large kitchen island, knotty alder cabinets with soft close drawers, large open great room with gas fireplace, crown molding in formal living room, main floor laundry. Master bedroom with master bathroom which has a large corner soaking tub and separate shower. Finished basement with large game room, two more bedrooms and a full bathroom with lots of storage space including a cold storage room. The yard is amazing and has secondary pressurized irrigation water, a large covered patio, a workshop, a large RV parking area on the side, vegetable garden, fully fenced with plenty of space. The roof is architectural 30 year shingles, high efficiency furnace, central air. Close to shopping, schools, parks, and easy access to highways. A must see!

The home on the bottom:

Wow, Million Dollar View, with 1 Acre of Horse Property. Nestled above “The Cove” in Herriman. Next to hiking trail that will not have any homes built on it. Enjoy country living while living close to city amenities. Wonderful 2 story home with plenty of space. 2 Master Bedrooms, Beautiful gourmet kitchen with Viking stove and custom cabinets. Huge master bedroom with separate sitting room. Landry room up and down. Mother-in-Law apartment in basement with separate entrance. Over sized 2 car garage with tons of cabinets for storage. Several fruit trees in orchard by the giant garden. Another acre is available. Home is on a well with 1 water right available and city water stubbed.

I titled the post as “Are You 62 or Older and Still Kicking It? If the answer is yes, lets kick in gear  your dream home. It only take a little time and a lot of open mind to get this done.

Our residence is in a high rise condo in downtown. Only a couple of these buildings qualify. The trade could be made for a qualified condo. However if this applies: “Are You 62 or Older and Still Kicking It, you may want to make the switch to a home you would just love.

I am thinking of a couple who are friends of ours. Their home is like the proposed examples. They love having the space. Every Sunday their home is a meeting place for dinner with all of the family. It’s a Sunday tradition for them. The master is on the main but downstairs there is plenty of room for guests. Will you current home fit  your dreams? If not, give me a call, I am your guy to make a transition like this. These are just examples, we could get to the specifics based on your exact situation and desires.

I work in an wonderful business, and have done so for over 30 years, give me a call 801-244-1666 or if you are of the texting generation you can text me at 206-618-3724.

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The Windermere Foundation is Celebrating its 30th Anniversary

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Luxury Condominiums In Salt Lake City Utah

As of this posting there are nine luxury condominiums in Salt Lake City Utah on the market. We define Luxury as priced at $1,000,000 or more. Why that price? It is the required price to fit into our membership into the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Luxury Portfolio International. See this article 

Six of these homes are downtown, one is in up by the Hogle Zoo (Donner), and two are in the Avenues. I have one potentially coming on line right around 1 million with a stunning view and one that is a very large unit, yet only two bedrooms. The view is spectacular.

To get a current search for 1 million or more, condo, Salt Lake City, click here.

About the Condo’s at  City Creek. Two of these six in downtown are in the three condominiums around the shopping center. They are posh. Most are small. One in todays search is square feet at $1,150,000. The larger unit is priced at $1,895,000. It is 3 bedrooms and 2296 square feet in size. The developer tells us that they are now over 90% sold out. If you drive by after dark you will notice that far less than 90% have their lights on. One might therefore conclude that many of the owners own as sometimes marketed as a “Perfect weekend retreat” Some are so small that it’s likely that the purpose is to be a perfect weekend retreat. All come with parking stalls, a few have two, and some stalls are more prime than others.

See more about downtown condos in this link, click here.  

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Zillow Zaps Buyers Brains

Zillow Zaps Buyers Brains, where is Zorro when you need him?

We have been riding the valley for the perfect home, not to be found. It’s been two years from listing to listing. Then it’s offer accepted then dang, it’s off the market, seller decides he’s not a seller. Buyer confounded, disappointed, and discouraged. A year later the seller still not willing and the buyer can’t find the perfect home.

Whoopee, we find it. Preparations being made to offer full price. Buyer  is ready to tackle the world, oh joy. Then neighbor gets involved, says lets look at Zillow. Buyers brain becomes messed up, fried you might say. Help I say, where the heck is help, perhaps it’s time for Zorro to the rescue, I need some help. The price offered is $685,000 and Zillow Zestimate says its worth $459,000. Zap and damn. Buyers brain is zapped, but only for a few moments. I show them facts that we have from data in the MLS. The home is priced right.

Similar to Zorro can be facts not Zillow fiction. Zestimates are admitted fiction. Founder Rich Barton was on a Seattle television interview with writer and agent Larry Cragun. He admitted that the Zestimate is just an estimate. He stated it could be as much as 13% off. This in a State where County records record the sales price.

Utah is a non disclosure state. As such the sales prices are not recorded and published by the Counties. Therefore the Zesimate is zapping peoples brains when they publish values. This Zestimate was off by over double Barton’s admitted 13%.

The buyer came to me excited and confused. “This looks like a great home but it’s a bit overpriced”. “It is I say, how much overpriced”? “Well maybe a couple of hundred thousand dollars he says”.

Now my brain is fried.

There is a secondary Zillow issue. Zillow lets any agent become the expert in a zip code, expert or not. They only need to pay the price to buy that zip code. Experts aren’t always hungry to pay for leads. I don’t. So when someone searches on Zillow they may end up with just any old agent, even one quite hungry for business, even a new agent. That’s not the way to pick your agent. Doing so, you once again may need the help of Zorro.

Larry Cragun – Windermere Real Estate

over 25  years in the real estate and mortgage industry.


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