What? They Won’t Allow Your Puppy? No Dogs No Cats?


Soon after Kathleen and I moved into our condominium at Starpoint I noted the fact that we had to put up with rules and regulations as well as the actions of our neighbors.  I coined the phrase, “welcome to the condominium project”.

There were no pet restrictions. As a result the common areas were the potty place for some of our inconsiderate neighbors. That courtyard smelled badly after awhile and we had to give up worrying why the plants were dying and the ground dug up. What bothered me the most was when a new next door neighbor moved in. I met her in the elevator, I should say I met her and her dog in the elevator. “Is that a pit bull I asked”. ‘Yes, but she is harmless was her answer”. OK, how should I react? I have heard the pit bull tales. The no animal restriction policy got so carried away that I say no wonder some properties don’t allow them.

But they restrict cats too? How come these harmless loving animals are restricted? Note, I am a cat lover. We had two cats that lived to be over twenty. We couldn’t part with them. Waiting for them to die to move, and then the emotional pain of them getting so bad they had to be put away was terrible. But rules are rules, probably just some of the rules that may bug you when “joining the condominium project”.

Since it’s a common question, are pets allowed I am going to publish the Salt Lake City Condo developments that do and don’t allow pets.

I am referencing those which begin at $200,000 in price. Most under that price do not have pet restrictions.

Do allow: (Note: Some allow but with size, number of, or other restrictions. Some allow cats but not dogs). Contact me if you want to sort out what would work  in your situations.


  • The Presidential Club
  • Northridge Heights
  • Belmont Downtown Condos
  • Brickyard
  • Broadway Park Lofts
  • Broadway Tower {Under 20#’s}
  • Country Club Ridge
  • Meridien
  • Oak Crest
  • The Metro
  • Avenues Condo
  • The Presidential Villas
  • Parc Gateway
  • Parc 7
  • Liberty Park Place
  • One and Nine
  • Salt Creek Condo
  • Mayflower
  • Millcreek Terrace
  • Millcreek Hollow {Under 20#’s}
  • Patrick Lofts
  • Old Farm
  • Highland Springs
  • Laurelhurst Condo
  • Highland Springs
  • Monte Carlo
  • Northpoint Estates
  • East Point Lane
  • Urbana on 11th Condo
  • Wasatch Towers
  • Westgate Lofts
  • Wolf Hollow

Don’t allow:

  • American Towers
  • Aztec
  • Bonneville Towers
  • Canyon Crest Condo
  • City Crest
  • City Creek Regent
  • City Creek Richards
  • Canyon Road Towers
  • Eagle Springs West
  • Garden Towers
  • Governors Plaza
  • Terrace Falls
  • Forest Glen
  • Trevi Towers
  • Royal Oaks
  • 838 Condos
  • Zions Summit
  • 99 West
  • Wilshire Condos
  • Forest Glen, maybe small with a loophole

This is not complete yet as some of those listed in the MLS do not state yes or no to pets. I will work on updating this information as fast as I can.

Posted on May 31, 2019 at 9:26 am
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