Two Different Worlds Just Minutes Apart Near Downtown Salt Lake City

Yes two very different worlds, and both close to downtown Salt Lake City. Both with condo living or houses. Both with reasons to live there, yet as I say, very different.

We have several friends that have come like we did and decided to make this their home. Where they end up is interesting: Lehi and Pleasant Grove in Utah County, and all the commuter traffic, some in Bountiful, some downtown, some in the Riverton and South Jordan area, and some in North Salt Lake.

There are reasons for the different selections. Living in The Avenues has it’s own flavor. It is close to downtown and the U. It is truly a community. I invite you to attend the monthly community council¬† meeting held by the Greater Avenues Community Council on the first Wednesday of each month. It truly is a community gathering that illustrates why many choose to live here.

I recently heard interesting feedback of someone looking for a home in The Avenues which made the selection dilemma interesting, even challenging. This buyer wants the location of the Avenues but the homes, mostly because of the ages and conditions, of the homes that can be found in the nearby Eaglewood community in North Salt Lake. It will be interesting to see the decision this family makes.

I like both neighborhoods. We live in downtown. The Avenues is so convenient. While touring homes in Eaglewood I found several I wanted to buy. That’s been my weakness, even our weakness. Our kids think we are crazy, for fun we go look at homes. I found one this week in Eaglewood, two stories with an elevator. I just had to have it. It was cool. Kathleen thought it over for a short time and nixed the idea.

The next photos are just a few I took this morning of homes on 1st Ave in The Avenues. This was a random selection with the only objective of illustrating this part of The Avenues.

To illustrate the difference in settings, note this shot. FORE!

Yes, this is a golf course in Eaglewood. And here are some pics of the neighborhood.

If you are interested in newer homes within a short drive to downtown North Salt Lake may be for you. The avenues homes are vintage which many people love. Some have been updated. These in North Salt Lake City as you can see are much newer, less likely for needing upgrades. I will say, I attend some of The Avenues Community Organization meetings. The residents here are extremely proud of their community. It is a strong community organization.

If you like vintage you might love The Avenues. Otherwise, take a look at North Salt Lake.

Posted on April 23, 2018 at 4:57 pm
Larry Cragun | Category: Larry K Cragun, Purchasing A Home or Condo

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