It’s Not Good, Being A Lead

It’s Not Good, Being A Lead. Did you know that when you fill out a form that makes you a lead that the sales person on the other side of that computer looks like this? They pay for leads when they are hungry for business. Did you also know that some lead generators sellĀ  your name over and over and over and over. How would you like to encounter four of these blokes?

It’s much better to have a friend in the computer. One you get to know, no pressure. By watching and reading you get to know them. You like their style. You know them. You haven’t even met them, but you like them. They know their stuff. They come recommended. Go ahead, you pick them and you aren’t a lead.

This is the main purpose of this blog. It is for me to have a chance to become your friend in the computer. I have had several over my career and it’s a great experience. The first one came as we were helping a disabled neighbor move to a new home in Reno, Nevada. Kathleen and I were having breakfast at our hotel and I received this call. “Hi Larry, this is Teresa. I have just got to talk with you, you have been my friend in the computer for months”. Teresa and I became great friends, she became a client.

My goal is to post interesting enough content that we too become friends. I will try to mix it up yet be consistent. Kathleen is a great photographer. I will enlist her to add her touch to this blog. She is a great asset.

You are welcome to let me know if there are subjects you would like me to touch on. In the meantime, don’t be a lead, choose the route you have control over, pick a friend in the computer, one you got to know before you spoke with them. Hopefully with a few of you, I get to be your friend.

Posted on April 2, 2018 at 9:19 pm
Larry Cragun | Category: Purchasing A Home or Condo

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