Beware Of Design Fads In Your Home

Beware Of Design Fads In Your Home This is an addendum to a series of articles written by my wife Kathleen in 2008. They were published nationally. One of our favorite real estate activities is to attend as many Parade Of Homes events as possible. Each year they are likely to include Salt Lake, Utah County, St George, and Park City. It is both enjoyable and helpful to our real estate practice.

Last year virtually every Park City and many of the others in the shows had painted their interiors grey.

Here is the expert Kathleen’s advice on “grey”:  – Staging 2018:

Color trends always exist and are always changing. The most current trend is, as you know, is
GRAY. Having lived in Seattle for 40 years this is a fad/trend that doesn’t excite me whatsoever!
With any trend it pays to be careful. If you use grey/gray put it where it is easy and inexpensive
to change. Walls are relatively easy to change but avoid tile, flooring, cabinets, appliances etc. in
grey. You may love it now but the rage over grey will not last. It is best to keep it a warm grey
and not too dark on walls.

And please use some accent colors with it. That is one thing about grey you can use many other
colors with it!

These suggestions apply only to the INTERIOR of a home. Exterior grey is fine.

We provide the series of articles for our clients to help them prepare their home for sale Click here for the link to them.   

In homes, not so much in smaller units such as condominiums, staging your home for sale is important. Following professional advice, even more important. I share two examples: 1- Kathleen advised a client not to paint their walls pure white, they ignored the advice and it was an obvious error. 2- We advised a seller to replace their worn and dirty living room carpet. The rest of the home was very nice. Upon removal of the carpet was discovered a beautiful hardwood floor. It made the home so beautiful that I suggested we raise the price we were going to lists it for by 10%. The sellers took the suggestion and the home sold within a week at the now full price.

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