Staging Your Home For Sale Part 3

Staging Your Home For Sale Part 3 K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Staging – Clear Out, Clean Up

Clear Out: After you have fixed and repaired it is time to de-clutter! And you can’t just stuff it all in the closets because people do want to see how the storage stacks up. They open up drawers, cupboards and closets if they are even somewhat interested in your house. Spend some time tidying these up and cleaning. You will have far less to do when you start serious packing, so it will help in two ways. The best solution is to rent a storage unit. Start packing up the things you don’t use very often, if at all. Too crowded with furniture, store it! 2nd best, pack up smaller stuff in boxes and put in the garage, but a garage isn’t too impressive stuffed with excess furniture. Get a storage unit. Call the Salvation Army or St Vinnie’s.

Things to make disappear: Most of the stuff on your kitchen counter tops, i.e. kitchen appliances (except for a toaster) that dead plant you keep trying to revive, any cleaning supplies, soap, dish rags and so on. Only a few strategic attractive items should be left. Banish as well that pot rack and hanging pots, refrigerator magnets and notes, dishes in the sink, toothbrushes and personal grooming items, towels in bad condition and uncoordinated colors, ugly shower curtains, stuff on window ledges, scatter rugs, too many plants, too many pillows, too many cars, too many accessories, too many of anything! If the things left are arranged with skill, less will be more. It’s the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Staging! If in doubt, throw it out.

Staging 3

ABOVE- Kitchen-Too much stuff, wrong kind of stuff    Bathrooms– OK, much better

Clean Up. You will be doing some of this as you go through and are fixing up and getting uncluttered but when all the other is done, go through and check for clean. Carpets should be cleaned, it is best to have a good professional do it or if worn or stained or a color that is hopelessly out of date, or would be difficult for most people to work with it should be replaced before you put your home on the market. This will work much better than giving a carpet allowance if wisely chosen, as far as selling your home. All appliances need to be super clean, as do bathrooms. Also clean floors, walls if soiled, windows, showers, shower curtains, outdoor furniture if on display, drains, exhaust fans and hoods, blinds, light switch plates, garbage cans, fireplaces, dog and cats dishes, sidewalks and patios and decks and driveways may need pressure washing. Clean is something that will need every day attention when you market your home. After you do all of this it should smell good! Smelling good is important.  The saying goes “If you can smell it, you can’t sell it.” Unless the smell is good of course, but be careful about artificial perfumey smells. Sometimes that may be interpreted as someone trying to cover up a bad odor. (And sometimes it is)! Also many are allergic to these and won’t stay in your house long enough to look at it.

I was going to go into what I call the Rocket Science part of Staging but I am tired from just writing about all this work!

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