Utah Home Inspectors Need To Be Licensed

Utah Home Inspectors Need To Be Licensed. During the last 5 weeks I have been through 9 inspections. These have been with 9 different inspectors, some with my listings and some with my buyers. Utah Home Inspectors Need Licensed.

Here is my conclusion: there are some duds out there. There are some good ones out there. Utah Home inspectors need to be licensed. The  duds need to be removed. Standards need to be met. The risk of losing ones license is the most powerful part of licensing. Having to take continuing education would be a part of the license and license renewal.

It is hard for me to understand why the legislature would have this put to them and they refused to take action. With Utah being so strong in so many areas, why are they so weak and negligent here? Whatever the excuse, there is no good excuse, none. I went through this in Washington State, where they finally a few years ago adopted licensing inspectors. It was an excellent move.

I am brought to posting this because of an inspection last night. My buyers picked their own guy. The sellers had disclosed that three of the electrical outlets were not working. The inspector missed it. As he left I asked do all of the outlets work? Oh sure they do he said. They all don’t and the seller was expecting to have to remedy that problem.

We at MediaOne provide our clients a list of inspectors we have had satisfactory results from. To stay on the list you must perform professionally. Two bad incidents and they are off the list. We had this happen recently. The REALTOR should not choose or guide the client. Most brokers are concerned about the liability of pushing clients to a particular inspector. Our way seems to be the best way. Please feel free to contact me if you would like access to our current list.

The bottom line:

Utah Home Inspectors Need To Be Licensed

Posted on January 9, 2018 at 7:17 pm
Larry Cragun | Category: Purchasing A Home or Condo

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