Canyon Road Towers or Zion Summit?

Canyon Road Towers or Zion Summit In Salt Lake City, Utah

To many buyers it boils down to choosing between Canyon Road Towers or Zion Summit. This post is to explain why and what the differences plus or minus in the two buildings. Note that both Canyon Road Towers and Zion Summit were built in 1 976. Both have similar HOA costs. Both cover all the utilities including basic cable. The exception is that you pay your own heating in Zion Summit. Canyon Road Towers Zion Summit Salt Lake City, Utah

What makes Zion Summit and Canyon Road Towers the choice for many is the location and the average sales prices. The location is ideal for those who want to be near Temple Square or City Creek. This is what drives most sales in these two buildings. Most of the prices are under $300,000 in both buildings. There are exceptions. Many are in the mid $200,000 range.

Some of the major differences are:

The views: in most cases, but not all, the views are more spectacular in Zion Summit. There are exceptions as some of the Zion Summit views are not superior and some of the Canyon Road Towers views are spectacular.
Usually a + for Zion Summit.

Unit Size: This varies, mostly in Canyon Road Towers. Some of the Canyon Road Towers units are under 1000 square feet. If you are OK with a 1 bedroom Zion Summit units are about 1200 square feet, usually the largest one bedrooms on the market in downtown Salt Lake City. Canyon Road Towers is unique with some three bedroom units. They rarely come up and there will be a feeding frenzy for the next one. Zion Summit has a small percent of two bedrooms, corners, one is currently on the market. I would say on this factor, check out both buildings, the plus would go to what is currently for sale.

Washer Dryer availability is a factor. In Zion Summit each floor shares a washer dryer. They are kept in good condition and they are not coin operated. All Canyon Road Towers units have Washer Dryer hookups in the units, the smaller floor plan needs stack ables. A + to Canyon Road Towers.

Walk ability: Both are close to Temple Square and City Creek Mall. Some don’t like the uphill walk to Zion Summit. Some like the exercise. + or – you decide.

Social Experience: Zion Summit has a social committee. There is something going on each week, be it a movie or another event. There is an expert genealogist living there who offers free help and training on a regular basis each week. Possibly a + for Zion.

Social Rooms: Both have nice facilities.

Swim Pool: Both have a pool and hot tub. The Canyon Road Towers pool is indoors and large enough to swim laps. + for CRT.

Upkeep: Both buildings are well maintained. Some feel the lobby in Zion Summit to be in need of updating. They are working on plans to do so. It’s big and cost is an issue.

Exercise Room. Both have equipment. I would say that Canyon Road Towers is superior and a budget to upgrade it is in place. + to Canyon Road Towers.

Sauna. Both have this in the rest rooms.

Parking. Both have secure inside in the building parking. Canyon Road Towers has indoor guest parking that seems very adequate. Equal to a plus for Canyon Road Towers because of the guest parking. Both have some extra stalls that people own and can sell. This rare event has brought the price for an extra stall up to as much as $15,000.00. Guest parking for Zion Summit is outside and across the street. It is sometimes full. Guests in Canyon Road Towers can park for a maximum of two weeks.

Storage: Each unit in both buildings has assigned storage.

Both buildings are in transition as to the age mix. Owners in both buildings have loved it there and resist leaving. Some were owners in 1976 or shortly after.

Currently I have listings in both buildings. I can gladly assist your hunt for the right place.

Posted on January 9, 2018 at 7:24 pm
Larry Cragun | Category: Canyon Road Towers, Zion Summit

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